Cesar Lechowick
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The Buddy Booth is a place where men live out their fantasies through fragmented intimate contact and voyeurism.  This experience is directly governed by the architecture of the space itself.  Using the physical opening, or slot, between the viewing booths as a visual parameter, I spotlight the intimate interplay of men in this explicitly performative structure.

My initial intent was to portray an esoteric space with which I had become intimately familiar.  My need to document was quickly subverted by the social content within and how it is inspired and maintained by architectural form.

The intimacy in my images is tempered by layers of distance and anxiety.  The slot, or physical opening, between each booth confines the subject, object and viewer.  Unlike other voyeuristic sex projects, such as Merry Alpern’s Dirty Windows, I complicate the subject-object relationship in my work.  As photographer and voyeur I am also object.  I am both looking and being looked at, however full understanding between the object/subject/voyeur is impossible because we only view fragments of one another.   Completing the triangulation of perspective, the viewer, who now becomes complicit in surveilling, gets caught looking when the photographer gets recognized by his subject.


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