Cesar Lechowick
FT's   ·   Anthony and Cleopatra  ·   Buddy Booth  ·   Betty's Sweet Tea  ·   Why are you so close to me?  ·   Queens of Fiesta  ·   Enchanted Forest  ·   Untitled (details)  ·  
The photographer's experience as a mixed gender fraternal twin is felt in a particular way in this body of work. He explores the visual experience of comparisons -- forcing relationships between two images. He relates to this in an intimate and personal way and likens it to his peculiar experience of being in direct relation to someone else throughout childhood. 
The FT’s (Fraternal Twins) are diptychs created from the photographer’s archive after the fact. The combinations convey a spectrum of feelings as they cast meaning through juxtaposition and similarity. The work contemplates photographic pairings as personal mythology.
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